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Ginger Juice Could Be The Magic Elixir For Hair Loss!

Ginger Juice For Hair Growth

Ginger is an ancient food that has long been known for its medicinal qualities, and has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of ailments. This magic root spice has been the natural medicine of choice when it comes to symptoms of inflammation, and gastrointestinal issues in cultures all around the world. Ayurvedic medicinal practice is one such culture that regards ginger in high regard thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. And because of this, hair and scalp health is one of the most popular applications for ginger in Ayurvedic medicine.

Why Can Ginger Juice Help Regrow My Hair?

Ginger juice contains nutrients and minerals such as beta-carotene, caffeic acid, capsaicin and gingerols – all of which work together to stimulate circulation and detox cells in the human body. The antiseptic properties of the ginger root targets ailments such as the common cold, diarrhea, nausea and even provide relief from cancer-related chemotherapy.

When applied to the hair, the magnesium, phosphorus and potassium compounds found in ginger helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp. As a result, this stimulation of blood flow encourages increased hair growth from the root and follicle level. The fatty acids that are also present in ginger helps to thicken thinning hair that is prone to breakage, in order to prevent hair loss from happening prematurely.

The Benefits Of Using Ginger For Hair

Ginger can help to alleviate the following hair related issues:

  1. Thinning edges

Those suffering from thinning edges issues can benefit from ginger’s blood circulating properties that stimulates hair growth while stopping excess hair from falling out from the roots.

  1. Dandruff

The natural antiseptic yet non-drying properties of ginger helps to remedy dandruff issues that may otherwise be a big problem to deal with in everyday life.

  1. Hair loss

Ginger strengthens hair and prevents breakage thanks to the fatty acids naturally found in the root spice.

  1. Poor scalp health

The nourishing qualities of ginger repairs and restores scalp health, ensuring that your hair is protected from the root all the way to the tip.

Ginger Juice & Potato For Hair Growth

Ginger juice and potato juice is a deeply nourishing mixture for the scalp and hair to target hair fall. In addition to the benefits of ginger, potato juice helps to cleanse hair follicles, boost hair growth and adds shine and lustre to hair.

Add ⅓ cup of potato juice, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of ginger juice to make a Ginger & Potato juice for hair growth. Apply to your scalp and spritz on any remaining solution to your hair strands. Massage through, tie your hair in a bun and leave it on for 2 hours before rinsing it off with a mild shampoo and warm water.

Alternatively, you can try these 3 recipes that use Ginger juice for hair health.

  • Ginger Juice & Rice water

Rice water contains numerous vitamins and minerals that act as superfoods for skin and scalp health.

  • Ginger Juice & Onion Juice

Onion juice stimulates the scalp and improves blood circulation at the hair roots. Onion juice and ginger juice hair mask is made by mixing equal proportions of each ingredient, and applying it to the scalp and hair as per normal.

  • Ginger Juice & Garlic

Those who are no strangers to the kitchen will know ginger and garlic as 2 of the most commonly used spices in cooking. But when used on the hair, the unique combination of garlic juice and ginger juice can do wonders to hair loss issues. Simply mix together equal portions of both ingredients and apply to hair, and rinse off as per normal.

How To Make A Ginger Juice Hair Mask

Making a homemade ginger juice hair mask is a fairly simple process, and all you need are ingredients that you can easily find at home or at your local spices store.

You will need the following ingredients: Ginger juice and an essential oil, or a carrier oil. This can be either argan, jojoba or coconut oil. You can use homemade ginger juice or premade ones from the store.

You can produce your own ginger juice by grating your ginger root pieces with a fine grater (a citrus zester works best), and placing the shredded ginger into a bowl. Use a few large pieces to get more juice.

Next, put the ginger pieces into a cheesecloth and squeeze all the ginger pieces, collecting the juice in the same bowl as earlier. To get more juice, simply zest more ginger roots.

Once you get your ginger juice, mix it in equal parts with your essential or carrier oil, and massage the mixture into your scalp thoroughly, ensuring your roots are covered too. Use a shower cap to hold the mixture in and let it seep into your scalp for about half an hour before rinsing it out with warm water and a mild shampoo.


Q: Can I use Ginger Juice daily on my hair?

A: Yes, you can use a ginger juice massage on your hair every night. However, 3-4 times a week should suffice to treat the symptoms of hair loss.

Q: Is it safe to leave the mixture on overnight?

A: The effects will take place 30 minutes to an hour after application, so leaving it on for longer won’t make a big difference. Plus – it might lead to a bad odor if not washed off before sleeping.

Side Effects

Ginger may cause mild side effects like heartburn and stomach discomfort when consumed. When applied topically to hair and skin – Ginger juice is safe, once it is rinsed off after a short-term period of use.

It may however, cause mild skin irritation in some rare cases. In which case, reducing the time that it stays on the scalp or skin may alleviate some of these side effects significantly while still providing the benefits to remedy hair loss or hair health issues.